Charlie the Clown

Charlie The Clown

Charlie The Clown

Charlie the Clown has over twelve years’ experience as an all-round performer, walkabout artist and children’s entertainer.

Charlie, who is London-based, has performed in all kinds of venues, from schools, nurseries and libraries, to museums, hospitals, shopping centres and front living rooms.

He has entertained next to the Lido in Hyde Park, beside the bandstands on Hampstead Heath, at the Brick Lane Festival in London’s East End and on the wards of The Royal London Hospital.

Charlie has helped to celebrate birthday parties and weddings, fun days and festivals.

He has played the clown to the Lord Mayor and his guests after the Lord Mayor’s Parade through the City of London, and has greeted Father Christmas on his way to Santa’s Grotto at Harrods Department Store.

Captain Bluster recently welcomed visitors to the opening of the new Museum in Docklands, and has delighted everyone with his summer shows on board the enormous pirate ship in the Princess Diana Playground in Kensington Gardens.